Railway Freight Company Overview – The Patriot Way!

Patriot Rail Company is a premium provider of short line railroad operations, industrial switching, railcar and locomotive repair, painting, cleaning, storage, and other important logistic capabilities with facilities located around the United States.

Our mission at Patriot Rail Company is to provide innovative solutions and create value for our customers through safe and reliable service.  Our vision is to be the premier rail and rail services company in North America.

We are defined by our values, in how we work—with safety as our cornerstone DNA; in how we act — with ethical conduct and personal integrity; and, in how we create value — engaging as a team to deliver professional, safe, and tailored solutions to customer needs.

We strive to become one of the eminent companies in the transportation sector.  Our employees and managers are some of the very best in the industry.  We are fully committed to a just culture where people know that they will be treated with respect and fairness which engenders a culture of operational excellence, accountability, and execution.

We own our company’s performance.  We work every day to do every task better—more safely, more cost effectively, and more operationally sound, than our competitors.

Ours is ‘The Patriot Way’ – men and women dedicated to corporate leadership in all dealings that is ethically, economically, and socially sustainable for the long haul.

We’re well on our way to be one of the true legendary companies in North America.