Premier provider of rail-based service solutions throughout

North America.

Patriot Rail Company LLC (Patriot Rail) manages 12 short line railroads in 14 states across the continental U.S. Our customer base includes an array of diverse commodities – everything from crude to grain and other food products. Our premier short line rail services include interchanges with Class 1 providers that enable you to move your goods across the state or across the country.

We also believe that there’s more to rail transport than moving freight from one point to another. We can help you manage the rest of your operation with our wide array of supplemental services. We provide everything from railcar cleaning and storage to supply-chain analytics.

In June 2012, Patriot Rail was acquired by SteelRiver Infrastructure Fund North America (SteelRiver). SteelRiver is an independent investment management firm that invests in core infrastructure assets in North America for the long term, seeking out assets and businesses that provide essential services with stable cash flows and quasi-monopolistic, often regulated, characteristics.