Patriot Rail Safety – Our Foundational Theme

We hold safety as the core value of our company.

We believe the only acceptable safety goal is zero accidents, zero injuries, and zero casualties.

We believe that leading people safely is a core competency for executives, managers and supervisors.

We believe that positive safety starts at the top of the organization.  It must be leadership driven and employee based.

We believe that pure processes, rules, and sanctions alone, while important, do not guarantee safety.  We believe that a culture where each individual worker buys into it, one-on-one, holding themselves and their co-workers accountable is also equally required.

We believe that a culture of positive safety will not evolve naturally.  It takes deliberate leadership focus, commitment and action.

We believe that a culture of positive safety is the baseline for employee engagement and top-tier operating and financial results.

We believe that measurement of performance is critical to ensure focus is placed on the right things.

We believe in a culture of openness and safety advocacy, where every person feels empowered to bring forward safety concerns and recommendations for improvement.

We are working toward a safety culture where: