Louisiana & North West Railroad (LNW) – Freight Rail Transport Throughout Louisiana and Arkansas

The Louisiana and North West Railroad (“LNW”) is a 68-mile, freight short line railroad headquartered in Homer, Louisiana. The LNW was incorporated in 1889 to take over the former Louisiana North & South Railroad.  Today, the LNW operates trains from Gibsland, Louisiana, to McNeil, Arkansas.  In addition, LNW owns and operates the 60-acre Iron Bridge Road facility in Gibsland. The railroad interchanges traffic with the Union Pacific at McNeil and with Kansas City Southern at Gibsland.

In addition to the rail line and other track assets, the LNW owns 845 acres of real estate, a general office building, five locomotives, maintenance of way equipment, motor vehicles, a locomotive shop, two rail car repair shops, three rail yards, three communication towers and 27 railcars.

Homer, Louisiana
Louisiana and North West Railroad Map

PRC Freight Tariff 1000-1 (eff. 01-01-17)
LNW 2000-1 Charge Catalog (exp. 12-31-17)
LNW 2000-1 Charge Catalog (eff. 01-01-18)

December 2017 Fuel Surcharge (FSC) – 0.17¢ per mile
January 2018 Fuel Surcharge (FSC) – 0.20¢ per mile

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Louisiana and North West Railroad
304 West Main Street
Homer, LA 71040
Phone: (318) 927-2031
Fax: (318) 927-2549

Customer Service:
Phone: (855) 955-RAIL (7245)
Fax: (904) 423-5388
Email: lnw-cs@patriotrail.com

Business Development Contact:
Phil Penkrot
Manager of Sales – East
Office: (904) 626-7891
Cell: (904) 451-0933
Email: phil.penkrot@patriotrail.com

Connecting Railroads: 
Union Pacific @ McNeil, Arkansas, and Kansas City Southern @ Gibsland, Louisiana

Primary Commodities Handled:
Chemical products, wood products, steel products and plastics

To report non-service related, emergency issue, please call 1 (855) 258-4514.