Rail Transport & Railcar Switching – Utah Central Railway

The Utah Central Railway (“UCRY”) operates over 34 miles of rail line in and around Ogden, Utah. UCRY’s corporate headquarters are located in the Amalgamated Sugar building in Ogden. The railroad’s maintenance of way and maintenance of equipment departments are also located in Ogden. UCRY interchanges traffic with Class I carriers Union Pacific and BNSF at Ogden, Utah. The railroad provides exclusive rail switching services at Business Depot Ogden, a large industrial park.

Location: Ogden, Utah
Utah Central Railway Map

PRC-Freight-Tariff-1000-1(eff. 04-01-19)
UCRY 2000-1 Charge Catalog (eff. 01-01-19)

PRC-9005 Rule 11 FSC (eff. 01-01-19)
June 2019 Fuel Surcharge (FSC) – 6.15%
July 2019 Fuel Surcharge (FSC) – 6.45%

UCRY-9005 Rule 11 Fuel Surcharge (eff. 08-01-17)
June 2019 Fuel Surcharge (FSC) – 5.00%
July 2019 Fuel Surcharge (FSC) – 5.20%

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Utah Central Railway
1963 So 1900 W
Ogden, Utah 84401
Phone (801)-732-8906
Fax (801) 732-8908

Customer Service Contact:
Phone: 1 (855) 955-RAIL (7245)
Fax: (904) 423-5388
Email: ucry-cs@patriotrail.com

Business Development Contact:
Tom Naso
Director of Sales –  West Region
Mobile: (904) 654-0147
Office: (904) 654-0147

Connecting Railroads:
Union Pacific @ Ogden, UT
Union Pacfic @ Harrisville, UT
BNSF @ Ogden, UT
BNSF @ Harrisville, UT

Primary Commodities Handled:
Agricultural products, asphalt, bio-fuels (ethanol & bio-diesel), chemicals, crude oil, feed grains, food ingredients,
lumber, metal and steel products, lumber/wood products, LPG, petroleum products, plastic resin, sugar and sweetners.

To report a non-service related emergency, please call 1-855-258-4514