M-1003 Certified, Blue Ridge Railcar Repair – Repair, Maintenance & Restoration Solutions

Patriot Rail’s Blue Ridge Railcar Repair Offers Complete Repair, Maintenance & Restoration Solutions For Your Railcars.

Blue Ridge Railcar Repair is located in Keysville, Virginia, 16 miles from the Norfolk Southern Railway (NS) interchange via the Buckingham Branch Railroad (BB). The facility is located on 21 acres of land with paint and blast capabilities, and 11,000 feet of track capacity which allows for up to 130 “repair in progress” cars to be stored at any given time.

Blue Ridge is an AAR Certified Facility. Our M-1003 Quality Assurance Program ensures that our employees are trained and certified to provide the best quality service to our customers. They also ensure that our facility offers the equipment necessary to perform work professionally and proficiently.

Our certified employees are capable of handling equipment and repairs on any style of railcar.  We can provide repair, maintenance and restoration solutions to meet your needs while minimizing fleet downtime through flexible scheduling.   We also establish program repairs tailored specifically for your fleet needs including Locomotive Services.

Car Types Accepted

Facility Capabilities



For more information, please contact (434) 736-2777 or via email at: blueridge@patriotrail.com

Address: 3933 Horseshoe Bend Rd.  Keysville, VA 23947